TW3NTY Exclusive Mix by SECTION 06/04

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Due out April 6th, this one hour mix of ‘The Chaos Theory LP’, by Section will be Available Exclusively @, two weeks before the release of the actual LP which includes five bonus tracks. This one definitely is a ‘MUST HAVE’. More Press coverage to follow on this project in the coming weeks including the prestigious Mixmag! Keep your eyes peeled!

Physmatics Manifest 2015

2015 PHYSMATICS Manifest:

Feb: Dapz – Warp Factor XVIII Mini LP
Mar: Josephs Perception – XIX One more time/Someone to count on
Mar: XTW3NTYX – Album Launch Party, London. With Nicky Blackmarket, Dapz, G1 & Friends. TBA
Apr: XTW3NTYX – Chaos Theory LP (Various Artists) 20 Brand new tracks & Mix by AnnGree!
Jun: XXII Tripple A – The CONTRACT EP
Jun: XXIII Future Shock EP